CRSCM | Grassroots Initiatives
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Grassroots Initiatives

If you are interested in becoming a CRSCM Grassroots Advocate, please do so here.


Grassroots support is essential to CRSCM’s mission and your advocacy will make a difference. Specifically, your voice will help CRSCM expand public understanding of the medical value of cord blood stem cells and will improve access to cord blood banking by making it more affordable for families.


CRSCM primarily focuses on federal legislation to accomplish its mission. Specifically, CRSCM is endorsing the following bill:


The “Family Cord Blood Banking Act”
(H.R. 1614) will allow families to use tax advantaged health dollars for qualified cord blood banking services


We need your help to build support for this bill and to help grow CRSCM’s membership. The links to the left (under the photo of the Capitol) should give you everything you need for these endeavors. However, should you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact the coalition at


Thanks again for your help!