CRSCM | Stem Cell Treatment and Traumatic Brain Injury
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Stem Cell Treatment and Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury

Stem Cell Treatment and Traumatic Brain Injury

Human mortality gets affected to a large extent whenever an individual gets on board with traumatic brain injury. The neurological damage that it can induce on a person is numerous, and people look at for various modes of treatment. Although everyone plans on getting the therapeutic mode of treatment, you need to know certain things about the same. Therapeutic methods are not quite effective and will go a long way in taking you to the bad place. This leaves us with the alternative called stem cells and how they perform in treatment. Hence, if you wish to know more about the same, then you need to keep reading.


A Basic Introduction

Thinking about treatment is secondary, and the primary need of the matter lies in the fact of understanding the disease. Traumatic Brain Injury is not a small issue, and it requires your complete form of attention. The normal brain function gets affected, and that will lead to an emotional disorder that might be a burden to the people around you. In addition, there will be a loss of the tissue structure and neuronal cells will get damaged. So you require an inbound mode of treatment that can cure things from the inside. Thanks to recent research, it was understood that a variety of stem cells could perform the task of treatment for neurological impairment. For this purpose, you need to understand the primary function of different types of stem cells part of traumatic brain injury.


Neural Stem Cells

Neural stem cells are also known as self-renewing stem cells that go into a list of categories upon differentiation. The transplantation of human cells into the Traumatic Brain Injury model might not be effective due to immune rejection. In addition, we must also note that the transfection of genes could move forward to enhance different functions and also proliferation. But these genes need to promote growth, and everything else moves accordingly. The transplantation of NSC also comes into the picture, and only a well-versed individual can tell you about the effects. The injection of NSC that carries the virus also carries a nerve growth factor right into Traumatic Brain Injury. This model was tried and tested, with the rate of success coming in from all corners.

Multipotent Adult Progenitor Cells

First reported in 2002, these cells have received viewership due to its characteristics and mode of differentiation that further goes into various cells. The potential lying behind this differentiation is not sustainable, and a distinct group is needed for the same. Since a lot of research work is not available to support further claims, it is not right to talk about everything. Hence, by all means, it is quite crucial to say that things have advanced to the right stage.

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